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We’re proud to offer an extensive selection of top-quality ventilation products for commercial kitchens, restaurants, and various other establishments.

Our commitment to innovation, craftsmanship, and customer satisfaction ensures that you receive the best solutions for your specific ventilation needs.

Our Comprehensive Product Line

Explore our range of ventilation products, designed to provide efficient and reliable solutions for your establishment:

Extract Canopies

Our extract canopies effectively remove smoke, grease, and odours, maintaining a clean and comfortable environment for your staff and customers. From wall-mounted, island, condense only, and bespoke shaped canopies to suit your kitchen layout and requirements. Choose from wall-mounted, island, condense, and bespoke canopies to suit your kitchen layout and requirements. 

Make-Up Air Plenum Canopies

Our MUAP canopies balance extraction and air supply, improving indoor air quality and preventing negative pressure issues in your kitchen. Options include fascia supply via either perforated panels or directional grilles, Introjet perimeter supply air nozzles, internal induction slots or adjustable spot cooling nozzles. 

Introcirc Canopies

The all-in-one design offers multi-stage filtration and custom-fit solutions, ensuring a cleaner cooking environment without extensive ductwork. They’re particularly suitable for situations where traditional ducted ventilation systems are not feasible or desired, such as in listed buildings or areas of conservation. 

Introjet Canopies

Providing an integral air-curtain, these canopies help keep the hot air away from cooking staff and contain it within the canopy envelope. 

Odour & Smoke Control Systems

Maintain a pleasant environment and comply with local regulations by implementing our advanced odour and smoke control systems, which effectively eliminate unwanted smells and pollutants. 

Gas Interlock Systems

Ensure the safety of your staff and customers with our gas interlock systems, which automatically shut off the gas supply in case of ventilation system failure or other emergencies.

Controls and Accessories

Enhance your ventilation system with our range of controls and accessories, including speed controllers, fire suppression systems, and more.

Our Additional Ventilation Product Offerings

Discover our diverse selection of ventilation products, designed to complement, and enhance your existing system:

Bespoke Stainless-Steel Fabrications: Our team of skilled craftsmen can create custom stainless-steel fabrications to suit your unique kitchen layout and requirements. From worktops and shelving to sink units and wall cladding, our bespoke solutions are both functional and visually appealing.

Air Input Systems: Maintain a balanced and comfortable indoor environment with our air input systems, designed to supply fresh, filtered air to your establishment. These systems can be integrated with your existing ventilation setup to optimise air quality and comply with industry regulations.

Fire Suppression Systems:Protect your staff and property with our advanced fire suppression systems, which can be seamlessly integrated into your ventilation system. These systems are designed to detect and extinguish fires quickly and efficiently, minimising damage and downtime.We offer both Ansul and Amerex fire suppression systems.

UV Canopies: Enhance your kitchen’s safety and hygiene with our UV canopies, which use ultraviolet light technology to neutralise grease particles, odours, and harmful microorganisms in the air. This innovative solution can be integrated with your existing ventilation system for improved air quality and reduced maintenance requirements.

Silencers: Reduce noise pollution in your establishment with our range of silencers, designed to minimise the sound produced by your ventilation system. Our silencers can be easily integrated into your existing setup, ensuring a more comfortable environment for your staff and customers or neighbours.

Carbon Filtration Systems:Maximise your commercial kitchen’s air purity with carbon filtration systems, designed to efficiently eradicate odours and pollutants, ensuring a clean, safe, and compliant cooking environment.

Customisation and Flexibility

We understand that each establishment has unique requirements and constraints. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities enable us to provide bespoke solutions tailored to your specific needs, ensuring a perfect fit for your kitchen layout and ventilation requirements.

Expert Support and Guidance

Our team of experienced professionals is dedicated to providing exceptional customer service and expert guidance throughout your project. From initial consultation and site surveys to installation and ongoing maintenance, we’re committed to delivering the best possible experience and ensuring your satisfaction.

“All canopies and ductwork are designed in-house and manufactured by our own team of skilled fabricators in our own workshop, using the latest machinery and techniques.”

John Cheeseman
Nationwide Ventilation