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Does your landlord, local authority, or building layout prohibit the use of external ventilation ductwork? Or are you using an electrically powered cookline? If so, we may have the answer for you. 

What are Introcirc Canopies?

Introcirc canopies are a state-of-the-art extract canopy system designed to recirculate filtered air back into the kitchen instead of exhausting it outdoors.  

As a stand-alone ventilation system, we offer a variety of configurations so we can tailor the canopy to fit your unique requirements. 

Key Features of Our Introcirc Canopies 


Our Introcirc canopies are designed with a range of features to ensure optimal performance, ease of use, and compliance with industry standards: 

High-quality materials: Constructed from 18swg 1.2mm 304 grade stainless steel, our Introcirc canopies are built to withstand the demands of a commercial kitchen. The sturdy design ensures a long service life and allows for easy cleaning and maintenance. 

Advanced filtration: Introcirc canopies are equipped with high-efficiency filters that effectively capture and remove grease, smoke, and odours from the air. The filtered air is then recirculated back into the kitchen,  

Compliance with regulations: All our Introcirc canopies comply with relevant industry standards and regulations. This ensures that your establishment meets the necessary safety and hygiene requirements.

Customisable Solutions for Your Business 

We recognise that every kitchen has unique ventilation needs. That’s why we offer a range of Introcirc canopy sizes and configurations, as well as bespoke options tailored to your specific requirements. Our in-house manufacturing capabilities enable us to create customised solutions that perfectly fit your kitchen layout and ventilation needs. 

Expert Consultation, Installation, and Support

Our team of experienced professionals are passionate about providing exceptional customer service at every stage of your Introcirc canopy project.  

We offer: 

  • Site surveys and consultations to assess your specific needs. 
  • Detailed quotations with transparent pricing. 
  • Professional installation services by our skilled technicians. 
  • Ongoing support and maintenance to ensure your Introcirc canopy remains in peak condition. 

“All canopies and ductwork are designed in-house and manufactured by our own team of skilled fabricators in our own workshop, using the latest machinery and techniques.”

John Cheeseman
Nationwide Ventilation